Sanskrit will be an elective language in Central Schools soon

Most of the content is reproduced from an article that appeared in The Hindu.
COIMBATORE: Before the end of its five-year term the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) would have introduced Sanskrit as an elective language in all Union Government-run schools and colleges, senior BJP leader Subramanian Swamy told newsmen in the city on Saturday.

He made this […]

Dr. Swamy at The Hindu College on Indian education system

Raghav Sally

Through the approach of “becoming better by improving”, the talk show on the issue “HOW TO MATCH INDIAN HIGHER EDUCATION WITH GLOBAL STANDARDS?” conducted by Hindu College Parliament and Kaizen, The Commerce Society of Hindu College, shined on October 15, 2015 between 11 AM to 1 PM at the […]

Pseudo Secularism and what Secularism really means

V.P.Dhananjayan. (Naatyaachaarya) Padambhushan Awardee

What we now practice is pseudo secularism. Until the westerners started invading Bhaarata on various grounds, we followed Sanaathanadharma, – the real secularism in the context of Bhaarateeya samskaar. Under Sanaathanadharma all living beings have equal status, embrace all in oneness. We had a common uniform civil code […]

Itihasa or Mythology?

Rama Krishna Kompella

I received feedback on my previous article, where the readers felt that usage of the word “mythology” while referring to Mahabharata or Ramayana are a great insult, and suggested I should have used the words “Itihasa” or “Purana”. This prompted me to go through the meanings of these words, and whether in a […]

What Children Learn Through Mythological Characters in Cartoon Shows?

Rama Krishna Kompella

In the present day, one cannot imagine a child who doesn’t know cartoon characters like Bheem, or Hanuman taken straight out of Hindu mythologies. It is quite tough for parents to keep children off from television, and especially from cartoons. I am focusing the discussion exclusively on cartoons that have Indian Mythological characters. […]

Science in Dharma – Part 2 of 2

Narendra Devadas Palahalli
Concluding part of the article Science in Dharma – Part 1 of 2

The Dharmic Path: Evolution of consciousness through education, open discussion, practice of unselfish love, non-violence, symbolic worship of Nature and selfless service, were determined to be the ideal path for a peaceful, civilized, positively evolving, happy way of life and […]

Science in Dharma – Part 1 of 2

Narendra Devadas Palhalli

This is a Description of ‘Science in Dharma’ chart. It is circular because the physical and the metaphysical are connect in a multi-dimensional quantum or transcendent world. It is based on science, rationality, personal experiences and experiences recorded in Hindu scriptures and in modern media. These can be verified online. The drawing shows how […]

10 Reasons Why Ambedkar Would Not Get Along Very Well With ‘Periyar

Aravindan Neelakandan
This article was originally published in Swarajya magazine by the author and these are his personal views.

To name a group “Ambedkar Periyar Study Circle” is akin to naming a group “Nehru Jinnah Study Centre”.  The politics of Ambedkar and Periyar remain so mutually incompatible.

The recent controversy about a group named “Ambedkar-Periyar Study Circle” being derecognised by the […]

Empowering the Goddess of nature . . .

Narendra Devadas Palahalli

Nature as god created the universe and intends to continue to recreate and preserve her creation though a nourishing and binding force we call love. This love was built into to the female of all species. The male learns about love from his close interaction with mother, but is not necessarily endowed with […]

Dr. Swamy’s inaugural speech for youth at VHS training camp

Concept of Seven Dimensional  Intelligence Leadership


Former Union Cabinet Minister of Commerce, Law & Justice

The world has come around to the view that democracy is essential for full human development which is possible only through education and skill development.  The view of the late Singapore President Lee Kuan Yew, at one end and Communists […]