Narendra Devadas

All Hindus are entitled to two identities. One of the ‘thousands of Jathi’s’, as a default professional-community identity and secondly, as an identity by choice, one of the ‘four Guna-varna’s’. For example, I am by birth a Smartha Brahmin (Jathi) but by Choice or Swadharma, I am a Kshatriya (Guna-Varna).

Hinduism is based on universal consciousness experienced as universal love.

The Jathi system is based on the family profession, where the father used to be the primary teacher for the son. Jathi is essential for the stability of arranged marriages, where the professional community samskaras and extended families, support long-term stability of marriages, family well-being and therefore, it also enabled professional excellence. This is the system that has lasted for thousands of years and made India one of the two world leaders until 1750.

In a rare case of personality (Guna) mismatch with the profession (Jathi), one is free to discard ones Jathi and Guna-Varna, and change to a different Jathi and Guna-Varna, by following ‘Swadharma’ (chosen dharma), without a formal procedure. However, to identify with a community, there are formalities or samskaras. This is similar to any modern organization. This has been the case with Hinduism for millennia. This is because; Hinduism allows evolution without the struggles against rigid organizations.

For thousand of years, unjust practices in Hinduism were local and transitory, and self-correcting, mainly because our scriptures did not support such unjust and intolerant ways, as in some other religions. Hinduism is based on universal consciousness experienced as universal love.

We do not have a caste system as in most other countries, where the privileged rich rule over the less privileged as a birth right, as for example in Europe, Japan and even in modern US, where a rich 1% rules over the 99% of the less privileged, supported by the US supreme court decisions. There are neighborhoods and ‘public’ places like restaurants in US and Europe, where you are not allowed or ‘unwelcome’, strictly based on skin color or race or a ‘dress-code’-the worst form of caste system. A brief online search will reveal that the caste systems as practiced in other parts of the world were, and are, much more unjust and violent than the Hindu Jathi-Guna-Varna system.

The historically well practiced, divide and rule policy of the British has amplified the natural differences in Jathi-Guna-Varna system and it has created a segment of self-loathing Hindu secularist, who need to be re-educated and reintegrated. We need to express this on social media frequently, so that we can put an end to these habitually destructive foreign propaganda machines and, the ignorant and corrupt Hindu secularists who follow them blindly.